Amalia Boulter

After having a left knee replacement, 60-year-old Amalia Boulter needed rehabilitation so she could be ready to return home.


Boulter came to Life Care Center of Plainwell on Feb. 5, 2016, for physical and occupational therapies. When she arrived, she was in a lot of post-surgery pain and could only walk 10 feet with a walker. She also needed help with getting dressed and bathing.


Six days a week, Boulter took part in therapy. The physical therapists did exercises with her to build muscle strength and stretches to help her regain range of motion in her knee. They also taught her how to retain flexibility when she returned home.


Occupational therapists worked with Boulter on her standing balance and helped her rebuild her upper-body strength. They also taught her how to use a reacher, sock aid and leg-lift dressing station for handling her lower-body dressing.


Only two and a half weeks later, Boulter was able to return home.


“The therapists showed me what I have to do at home to help me succeed,” said Boulter. “They were great at helping me learn the exercises. The teamwork was major – everyone worked together to get things done.”


When she went home to her husband on Feb. 25, Boulter was able to walk 200 feet on her own, as well as manage stairs, and she was able to take care of herself.