Florabelle Samfilippo

Falls at home left Florabelle Samfilippo with a femur fracture and the need for rehabilitation.


When Samfilippo came to Life Care Center of Plainwell, Michigan, on June 8, 2018, she needed total assistance with most of her mobility and many of her activities of daily living. Her cognition and language had also suffered.


Physical and occupational therapists worked with Samfilippo six days a week to help her regain as much independence as possible so she could return home. They helped her to practice getting up from bed, balancing, walking and doing self-care tasks like grooming, bathing, getting dressed and feeding herself. They did strengthening exercises with her, and over time, she was able to do more and require less assistance.


“I loved that my rehab stay was family-oriented and that my kids were involved,” said Samfilippo. “I really loved all my nurses and aides – they were always there for me.”


Samfilippo’s cognition and communication skills improved during her stay. She now requires only minimum assistance with most of her mobility, grooming and eating. She returned home on July 14 with home health care.