Jeff McDonald

After multiple falls at home, Jeff McDonald decided to come to Life Care Center of Plainwell, Michigan, for rehabilitation and help managing his multiple sclerosis.


When McDonald arrived on June 23, 2018, he could only walk short distances and needed staff assistance to get bathed and dressed. He needed a little help to walk, stand and get in and out of bed as well.


Six days a week, physical and occupational therapists worked with McDonald. They used the Omnicycle exercise machine to help him strengthen his upper body and build endurance, and they did other strengthening exercises for his lower body. Balance tasks were an especially important part of his therapy as well to help him reduce his fall risk.


“I love that I’m walking!” said McDonald. “I came in a wheelchair, and everyone has done a lot to help me get back to myself. Everyone has been so great!”


“Jeff worked very hard and was always eager to participate and challenge himself,” said Cassandra Newington, physical therapist associate.


McDonald can now walk independently in the community and take care of himself once again. He returned home to his wife on July 12.