Life Care Centers of America’s Whatever It Takes And Then Some program honors associates who go beyond their job descriptions in caring for residents, their families and fellow associates. Here are three of the inspiring stories from our May 2016 winners:


Lisa Riston, unit manager at Life Care Center of Plainwell, Michigan, went out of her way to help a coworker whose car had broken down. Riston left her home and drove approximately 21 miles to pick the coworker up to take her home on a Friday at 11:30 p.m. Then, Riston got up at 6 a.m. the next day to take her fellow associate back to work and even had her husband accompany her so he could check the car and fixed the problem at no charge.


Randy McRoberts, maintenance assistant at Life Care Center of Morehead, Kentucky, grew very close to one of the residents at the facility. When McRoberts learned of the resident’s worsened condition, he went to a local florist during his lunch break and bought flowers for the resident. The resident’s family was present and began crying when they saw her smile from ear to ear when McRoberts brought her the flowers.


Julie Bergman, outpatient physical therapist at Columbine Manor Care Center in Salida, Colorado, took the initiative to start a new aquatic therapy program. Bergman called the local hot springs aquatic center herself to get the program started. She’s been working closely with patients and their caregivers to schedule pool sessions and has generated enough interest to book many back-to-back sessions.