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Jean Buck finds rehab success at Life Care Center of Plainwell

Jean Buck

When Jean Buck suffered an acute kidney injury in December 2017, she and her family were told she would need long-term care.

“As a long-term care nurse in the community, I could not think of anywhere I trusted more, even though the commute to Life Care Center [of Plainwell, Michigan,] was farther for my family,” said Buck’s daughter, Kim Chapman...

Life Care of Plainwell helps Samfilippo recover from leg fractures

Florabelle Samfilippo

Falls at home left Florabelle Samfilippo with a femur fracture and the need for rehabilitation.

When Samfilippo came to Life Care Center of Plainwell, Michigan, on June 8, 2018, she needed total assistance with most of her mobility and many of her activities of daily living. Her cognition and language had also suffered...

MS patient regains mobility with rehab at Life Care of Plainwell

Jeff McDonald

After multiple falls at home, Jeff McDonald decided to come to Life Care Center of Plainwell, Michigan, for rehabilitation and help managing his multiple sclerosis.

When McDonald arrived on June 23, 2018, he could only walk short distances and needed staff assistance to get bathed and dressed. He needed a little help to walk, stand and get in and out of bed as well...

Life Care of Plainwell helps leg fracture patient regain independence

Felix Survilla

After falling and fracturing his femur, Felix Survilla needed rehabilitation before he was ready to return home.

Survilla came to Life Care Center of Plainwell, Michigan, on April 16, 2018, for physical and occupational therapies. When he arrived, he needed assistance for walking, bed mobility, dressing, bathing and transfers...